Cloud Technologies

The infrastructure used for cloud computing is typically built on servers where different levels of virtualization technology is applied. In particular, a de-facto approach in cloud computing is to use virtual machine technology to deploy many isolated environments on the same machine. We are currently investigating alternative operating system architectures to better explore multi-core operating systems.

Ongoing Projects

  • Vortex – An isolation kernel designed from the ground up to provide scheduling control over resource consumption.
  • Codecaps – Flexible capability based authorization combining X.509 publick key certificates with Javascript.
  • Suorgi – Elastic Cloud Overlay Networks.

The iAD Cloud

We are currently running an OpenStack cloud solution on our cluster infrastructure. The cluster consist of 16 Dell blade servers, each having 2 Intel Xeon E 5335 with 4 cores running at 2.00GHz, and 8GB of main memory. In addition, a storage server provide 2TB raid-1 disk capasity.