Suorgi – Cloud Overlay Networks

We are building and evaluating extensible run-time systems that support resource elasticity in private cloud environments in combination with public clouds, to timely handle peak resource demands. We have proposed and developed a new structuring mechanism and architecture for construction of overlay networks federating multiple heterogeneous clouds. We have designed and implemented Suorgi for this purpose, a run-time that supports extensibility of cloud infrastructures.

With Suorgi, even novice users can construct their own cloud overlay networks without explicit programming knowledge. Key to support this is meta-code, pre-programmed code modules extending and augmenting the cloud infrastructure to fit specific user needs. Meta-code can implement, for instance, fine-level trust policies, replication management, auditing, and provenance. Currently, we have our own private cloud running on the iAD lab cluster in Tromsø, and we have integrated this transparently to public clouds including Amazon (Asia, US, Europe) and Microsoft Azure.