Succesful CCU workshop!

The CCU workshop at Hamn (September 26.27th) was a great success, with 67 participants from industry, academia and the public sector. Impressions from the meeting: Publisert av CHOCO Research Group Tirsdag 25. september 2018 Here a beautiful picture from our visit to the ferrosilicium plant at Finnfjord to look at their …

CCU workshop

iCCU invites you to a CCU/CCS workshop at Finnfjord on September 26 to 27th! Registration by July 7th. For program and contact emails, see here

Open PhD position

Do you want to work with sustainable use of resources – and climate ethics – and CO2? Here is your chance for an exciting PhD as part of the iCCU team!


iCCU is involved in an exciting interdiscplinary FME application on CO2 conversion, sent to the Research council of Norway in March 2018. In May we will get to know if CIRCCUS proceeds to the second round. 7 applications have been received by the RCN – read them here

Faces of CO2

CO2 is not a big molecule – but there is so much you can do with it! – You can convert CO2 to medicine in the lab. – You can feed CO2 to algae, so they become fish-feed. – You can detect CO2 in human breath and diagnose diseases. – …

Open PhD position!

Do you want to work with CO2 – and innovation – and entrepreneurship? Here is your chance for an exciting PhD as part of the iCCU team!