iCCU is an interdisciplinary project at UiT aiming at optimising industrially relevant technologies for chemical and biological CO2 Capture and Usage (CCU) by taking into account environmental, ethical, and business-related aspects. The project is a collaboration involving research groups from NT-fak (Chemistry and Informatics), BFE-fak (NFH and Business school), and HSL-fak (Philosophy). The project is funded within the UiT program Thematic Priorities.

iCCU is built on different sub-projects:

The iCCU team: John Markus Bjørndalen, Kathrin H. Hopmann, Elin Merethe Oftedal, Hans Christian Eilertsen, Richard Andre Ingebrigtsen and Øyvind Stokke.


The iCCU project is part of our initiative to set up a national CCU centre in Norway. Our goal is to build a centre that views CCU in a holistic manner, providing knowledge on all relevant aspects, i.e. chemical and biological conversion, process optimization, economic viability and environmental, societal and ethical aspects. The national CCU centre was officially opened on May 18 2017.