Assoc. Prof. Kathrin H. Hopmann


Project leader of NordCO2

Group homepage: CHOCO Research Group

Teaching Portfolio: http://digitalmappe.uit.no/kathrinhopmann/


My research activity is focus on elucidating the detailed nature of chemical reactions. During my undergraduate studies (1999-2004, Aarhus University in Denmark and Karolinska Inst. in Sweden), I worked several years in the laboratory, investigating enzymatic reactions. During my Ph.D. studies (2004-08, KTH in Sweden), I shifted towards computational chemistry, focusing on modelling of enzymatic catalysis. In my post doc studies (2008-11, UiT Norway) and my subsequent researcher position, I have increasingly focused on chirality and enantioselective catalysis. Since 2014, I am leading my own research group, which is applying both experimental organic chemistry and theoretical quantum chemistry tools in the investigation and development of selective organometallic catalysts. Currently my group consists of 3 postdocs, 3 PhD students and 1 engineer. Current research projects involve computational studies of enzymatic activity (MarVal) and experimental and theoretical studies of transition-metal catalyzed processes (deFACTO, Hylleraas), including conversion of CO2 to higher value products (CHOCO, NordCO2, iCCU).