PhD fellows

PhD1: Nerea Johanna Aalto (Main supervisor H. C. Eilertsen)

4 PhD positions will be filled during 2018:

PhD2, Chemical conversion of CO2 (Main supervisor K. H. Hopmann, IK, NT). Application deadline August 31, 2018.  Apply here.

PhD3, Monitoring and Control of CCU processes (Main supervisor J. M. Bjørndalen, IFI, NT), Application deadline July 31st, 2018 Apply here

PhD4, Sustainable business models (Main supervisor E. M. Oftedal, HHT, BFE) Application deadline April 15.04.18 Apply here

PhD5, CCU and climate justice (Main supervisor Ø. Stokke, IF, HSL), Application deadline June 01.2018 Apply here

Other positions:

Postdoc in Computational Chemistry/CO2 conversion at UiT/Norway, Deadline February 18th, 2018