Chemical conversion of CO2

Chemical conversion of CO2 (leader K. H. Hopmann, IK, NT).

The PhD will design and synthesize  and apply catalysts made from sustainable metals such as copper for conversion of CO2 to fine chemicals, especially carboxylic acids. The PhD will be associated with CHOCO (site.uit.no/choco), an interdisciplinary project combining  computational and experimental approaches to develop novel catalysts for chemical conversion of COinto other molecules. The main focus is on homogeneous catalysis, but also biocatalytic approaches are explored. The CHOCO team is working at the Dept. of Chemistry at UiT – The Artic University of Tromsø led by Dr. Kathrin H. Hopmann from the Hylleraas Center for Quantum Molecular Sciences and Assoc. Prof. Annette Bayer from the organic chemistry group at UiT.