Interdisciplinary approaches

Interdisciplinary approaches (leader H. C. Eilertsen, NFH, BFE)

PhD educations are often specialized to narrow fields, preventing real interdisciplinary research. iCCU has as a goal to foster interaction between all iCCU PhDs and PIs. The group will identify factors that affect the economic and environmental sustainability of CCU. This requires information about cost and sustainability of catalytic materials, industrial process optimization, types of value for stakeholders and societal aspects such as climate-related obligations. Addressed questions can be: what energy sources/materials for conversion are environmentally sustainable? Does the product type influence business and environmental aspects? How does the cost of CO2 capturing (e.g. from smoke) affect the economic sustainability? What ethical aspects are relevant when converting a natural resource (CO2) to a value? The PhDs and PIs will discuss these during monthly meetings and will jointly publish 1-2 perspective articles.