This article is part of a series with short updates about the different project members.

Kristin Evju is a PhD student at UiT connected to the ICE project. Before the summer, Evju has been preparing for her fieldwork which will take place after the summer. Her fieldwork will mainly consist of interviews and centers around the question how teachers work with Sami topics in the class room. She wants to frame this within a larger context and therefore, she will look, for example, at how teachers are influenced by curricula and what kind of expectations there are.

One part of the preparations for her interviews has been reviewing the literature on this topic. Because Evju has a background within Indigenous Studies and not in teacher education, she needs to orientate herself on what other researchers have done in this area. So, during the last weeks she has been focusing on how teachers work with Sami themes at school and also on research that helps her to understand their role. It is important for her to gain a better understanding of teacher research and how it is conducted in the field. Sometimes, Evju finds it challenging to be part of a project doing research on education, in which she does not have a background. But at the same time, she gets time to delve into the topic and finds the challenging aspects of the project very valuable.

As Evju is preparing for her fieldwork, she is very much looking forward to this. She is excited about talking with teachers about how they work with Sami topics in their classrooms. This fieldwork will influence her further research and give her the opportunity to add more empirical perspectives to her writing process. Related to that, she is looking forward to continue working on her first article.