ColdTech RT3 at the Department of Industrial Engineering have created five summer internships of 50 hours from 20th June 2015 till 20th August 2015 for students interested in the following topics,

Task 1 : Understanding and Evaluating the Performance of Step Motor and Servo Motor in Cold Climate Conditions
Task 2 : 3D Modeling and Manufacturing of an ABS Prototype for testing it’s Thermal Conductivity in Cold Climate Conditions.
Task 3 : Understanding and Practicing Icing Numerical Modeling Techniques Using CFD tools.
Task 4 : Evaluating Image Processing Technique for Detecting Ice.
Task 5 : Evaluating Anti Icing and De Icing Technique by using Resistive Foil
Task 6 : Automating Cold Room 3 Using HMI and PLC System

The relevant experience required for each task is,
Task 1 Experience : Understanding of Step Motors, Servo Motors, Microcontroller Programming
Task 2 Experience : Understanding of 3D CAD Modeling and 3D Printing
Task 3 Experience : Understanding of CFD Techniques
Task 4 Experience : Understanding of Data Acquisition (LabView or MatLab), Image Processing, Programming
Task 5 Experience : Understanding of Data Acquisition (LabView or MatLab), Programming, Electronics
Task 6 Experience : Understanding/Experience of HMI, PLC Programming, Analog/Digital Nozzles

All the students which are already enrolled in any engineering education program at HiN are encouraged to apply for this internship. If you are not interested then it will be appreciable if you forward this message to your colleagues who you think can be potentially benefited from this opportunity.

Interested students are advised to send their personnel profile alongwith a cover letter to Mr. Umair Najeeb Mughal (email : at their earliest. The deadline for this submission is 2300 hours 15th June 2015. At the successful completion of this Internship, students will be provided an Experience Certificate from the Department.

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