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Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme Partners on TARGET to deliver state-of –the –art manufacturing supports to local businesses


On the picture:

Seated (L-R):

Dympna McCarron (Cavan Innovation and Technology Centre); Asa Ericson (Lulea Technical University Sweden); Wei Deng Solvang (Narvik University College, Norway)

Standing (L-R)

Gudmundur Oddson (University of Iceland); Padraig McNamee (SWC); Malachy McAleer (SWC); Sakari Pieska (Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland); Liam Kiely (Sligo Local Enterprise Office)

Representatives from partner organisations across the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme descended on Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh (N Ireland) recently to discuss the implementation of the newly approved TARGET Programme. The TARGET Programme has as its objective to deliver state-of-the-art manufacturing supports to local businesses and is funded under the Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme 2014-2020. Grant assistance is received through the European Regional Development Fund and managed through the Special EU Programmes Body.

The two day event bought together delegates from Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Narvik University, Norway; Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, University of Iceland; Sligo Local Enterprise Office; Cavan Local Enterprise Office and Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre, at the home of lead partner South West College, in Enniskillen.

Manufacturing companies in the Northern Periphery & Arctic (NPA) Region face considerable challenges in terms of retaining competitiveness, adopting new technology and processes and their capacity to innovate. Malachy McAleer, Director of South West College explained that “the aim of this project is to develop the tools to allow manufacturing companies in the NPA Region to adapt and embrace the next generation of technology and innovation”. He described how “each of the partner organisations have specialist skill sets focused on ensuring that the local and regional manufacturing base will be globally competitive and innovative through the utilisation of the advanced technology and digital manufacturing techniques available through the partnership”.

Professor Wei Deng Solvang from Narvik University College told the delegates how “the key to the next generation of manufacturing in the NPA regions is the targeted application of innovation and the embracing of new processes and practices such as design, product development, prototyping, automation, electronics, data communication, ICT and quality management”. Professor Solvang went on to explain how “this then needs to be aligned with key market analysis skills such as trending, testing and integrating products into a whole cycle of service delivery so as to build the competitive advantage and value proposition of manufacturing firms. The key is to converge all of these technologies to produce an integrated, automated and highly efficient manufacturing environment. Simply stated, this is how we aim to put the knowledge economy into manufacturing”.

Associate Professor Gabor Sziebig, described how “the project results will reduce the competitive and knowledge gap of participating manufacturing companies that participate in the programme through the introduction of new processes, techniques, knowledge and skills”. He went on to say that “the programme will demonstrate the benefits to be gained through the application of these supports and position NPA Manufacturing industries as leaders in their sector thereby building sustainable competitive advantage”.

This €2.1 million project will run for 36 months.

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