Finding your way in Tromsø

To find your way in Tromsø, get a city map from Tromsø Tourist Information Office or use this google map.

Here is a map of the UiT Tromsø campus. A pdf-version of the map can be downloaded here (printer friendly).

The city buses will take you around the town and the immediate vicinity. The bus connection between the centre of the city and the university campus is quite good. Bus no. 20/21 leaves from Fr. Langes gate (F1) in the centre of the city, and from the university just below building 22 on the campus map. This trip takes approximately 10 minutes. The bus leaves every 10 mins from the centre of the city on weekdays. You can also take bus no. 34 – but this route takes you on a longer journey round the southern parts of the island (nice, if you are not in a hurry).

For buses to/from the University campus, you can download timetables from here. Schedules are also available at most bus stops. For information on local transportation, including city buses, you can call 177 or log on to 177 online (Norwegian only).

You can get a taxi at several taxi stands in the centre of the city. There is also a taxi stand outside the University Hospital (building no. 33 on the map of campus). If you want to call for a taxi, these are the numbers you need:
• Din Taxi: +47 02045
• Tromsø Taxi: +47 03011