Second Call and Call for Teacher Presentations


We call for contributions that are about Indigenous mathematics education; such as examples of culturally responsive mathematics teaching, curriculum studies, home-school cooperation, students’ experiences and teachers’ experiences.

We particularly welcome mathematics teachers to share their experiences.

April 28th 2017: Deadline for teacher presentations.

IndigMEC is a meeting place for people around the world who engage in Indigenous mathematics education; teachers, parents, teacher students, master students and researchers. The aim of the conference is for teachers and researchers to present examples of culturally responsive mathematics teaching. Examples from work carried out with Sámi students will be highlighted. However, there will be opportunities to compare and relate this work to similar work in other parts of the world, especially in New Zealand and Canada. It is anticipated that sharing the similarities and differences between Indigenous peoples will contribute to developing more informed responses to Sámi mathematics teachers’ challenges and possibilities. The conference will be arranged around plenary speeches, poster sessions, teacher presentations, paper presentations and round table discussions.

Keynote speakers:

Lisa Lunney Borden

Uenuku Fairhall and Tony Trinick

Ylva Jannok Nutti

As this will be an international conference we prefer that English is used for the discussions.

Presentations given in Sámi languages will be translated to English during the conference.

Submit all presentations to:

Further details on the conference theme and on submission can be found here.