ICT and information infrastructures (electronic patient records, telemedicine, laboratory systems, patient trajectories, etc) are regarded as having a strategic role in dealing with complex issues in healthcare, for supporting clinical personnel in their daily work as well as for providing decision support, improving efficiency and workflow across institutional, departmental and professional boundaries. Given the demands and opportunities for larger changes in the healthcare sector, it is also evident that the inherent characteristics of an information infrastructure pose several challenges on how to manage and exploit these technologies efficiently.

The workshop at the University of Tromsø is the fourth of a series where the first three workshops took place at different universities in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We wish to bring international researchers, healthcare professionals, IT professionals, administrators, and IT enterprises together to discuss these issues. We particularly invite contributions that are methodologically based on ethnographic/case/field studies.

University of Tromsø is the most northern university in the world and Tromsø city is the largest city and the largest urban area in Northern Norway. Most of Tromsø, including the city centre, is located on the small island of Tromsøya in the county of Troms, 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. The city is warmer than most other places located on the same latitude, due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream. The city centre of Tromsø contains the highest number of old wooden houses in Northern Norway, the oldest house dating from 1789. The Arctic Cathedral, a modern church from 1965, is probably the most famous landmark in Tromsø. The Midnight Sun occurs from about 18 May to 26 July. Owing to Tromsø’s high latitude, twilight is long, meaning there is no real darkness between late April and mid-August.


Gunnar Ellingsen, University of Tromsø, Norway (gunnar.ellingsen@hn-ikt.no)

Pernille Bjørn, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (pbra@itu.dk)

We also edit a special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems with deadline 30 september 2013:

Special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems