Keynote Speakers

Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, Queen Mary, University of London,UK. Trish’s research interests lie at the interface between sociology and medicine. She uses innovative interdisciplinary approaches, drawing on narrative, ethnographic and participatory methods, to explore complex, policy-related issues in contemporary healthcare.

Professor Kjeld Schmidt, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Kjeld’s research is devoted to the area of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). He has particularly focused on theories of cooperative work and coordinative practices as the conceptual foundation for CSCW.

Tor Arne Viksjø, CEO, DIPS ASA, Norway.                                           The company DIPS ASA was founded as a spin-off from a hospital in Norway and has provided EHR solutions for the Norwegian Health Sector for 25 years. DIPS EHR has been developed through many years of close cooperation with hospitals and is running in 73 % of Norwegian hospitals.


Anne-Lise Härter, Department Director, The Norwegian Directorate of Health. Responsible for deployment of e-prescription in Norwegian healthcare