Case studies in DIM project

The goal for the case studies in DIM project is to help companies to adopt new technology and methods into their operations. SMEs often have less resource to continuously monitor the progress of technology or to develop new methods. On the other hand, it is typical that new technologies for production operations are not available as plug-and-play type solutions but it needs some customization in every application. Case studies in DIM project have offered opportunities for companies to learn and check if new technology and methods are feasible for their production operations, in order to increase their competitiveness. Case studies have also proved to be an effective way to develop a collaborative culture between the SMEs and research groups.

Case studies in DIM project have been carried out to demonstrate or simulate potential DIM solutions in applications which are interesting for SMEs. Demonstrations were carried out mainly in partner university laboratories or similar environments but also production facilities in companies were used in demonstrations or simulations. Every partner carried out at least three demonstrations or simulations; the total number of case studies was around 20.  Generally the SMEs experienced these case studies very useful.

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