Offer phase design for Sustainable Manufacturing in construction

Company case from Finland in the project Sustainable Manufacturing and Engineering.


Company: Merius Oy, Kokkola, Finland

Merius Oy produces various kinds of designs for industry in the mechanical engineering area including the steel constructions. The clients’ common needs: to get the reliable offer level design for the steel constructions in a couple of days.

Ongoing work

  • purchased suitable steel design software with code checking (Eurocode3 and others)
  • demonstrations of the integration to the parametric based 3D-softwares used in Merius Oy (Inventor, Plantdesign..)
  • the upcoming works are concentrated to the integration between these programs ( model transformation, steel profiles, materials, loads and supports…)
Parametric 3D-model  Frame of the model 
Pre-calculations Final calculations and code checking in steel design program


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