Process development at Zert AB

Company case from Sweden in the project Sustainable Manufacturing and Engineering.


Company: Zert AB

Zert develops state-of-the-art software for risk management in different types of construction projects.

The company has a long experience in risk management and has become an expert that is asked for globally.

With new European standards that demands that a contractor perform a risk analysis, Zert, has gone from doing manual risk assessment at the customers site to an automated software that the customer can use themselves.

To meet new demands, the company is now starting on new software architecture where the SMaE-project has supported with process and method development. That has for exampled resulted in a creative workshop format that the company can use in their daily work and new ways of dealing with innovative ideas.

The company is located in Lycksele, Västerbotten county, Sweden.

If you want to know more about Zert AB or this project, contact Henrik Nergard


Description of work

  • Analysis of the company methods and their agile development process
  • Adaption of ways of dealing with new product development in the company development process
  • Demonstration and education of the workshop format, FUNC2, developed at LTU
  • Creative methods. Converging and diverging methods that can support the company to decide which ideas to go forward with and which to save for later
  • Workshop about technical development and trends of ICT (LTU/SRT)

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