Sustainable Manufacturing by Vision-Based Reduction of Tool Errors

Company case from Finland in the project Sustainable Manufacturing and Engineering.


Company: Sievi-Tools Ltd, Oulainen, Finland

The company is concentrated for flexible machining and sophisticated mold and tool manufacturing based on advanced 3D technology.


Development was focused on vision-based reduction of tool errors to reduce waste of materials, energy and work hours. This is a step towards more sustainable design and manufacturing process. Development was carried out by using a customized low-cost vision system.


Demonstrations and tests for vision-based reduction of tool errors were completed with a HD web camera and Centia’s customized software for image analysis and user interface.  Demos and tests showed that this kind of system enables the reduction of tool errors in CNC processes. Company’s target is to develop system further so that it can be taken into use in the company’s CNC manufacturing processes in the future.

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