Randolph Rhea


Rhea is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Peace Studies, University of Tromsø. As a member of the international research group on reintegration his current research focuses on drawing connections between ex-combatant reintegration programming and the larger context of post-conflict peacebuilding and development. Also a graduate of the Centre for Peace Studies’ Master’s program, Rhea completed his Master’s thesis on methodological, epistemological, and ontological challenges in the study of the causes of civil-war with a special methodological focus on fuzzy-set analysis. Furthermore Rhea has participated in extensive research and study in the areas of political economy, post-soviet politics, and welfare politics.

Themes: reintegration of ex-combatants, peacebuilding, political economy, complex systems, set-theoretic methods

Geographical focus: The Caucus, Central Asia, Sudan / South Sudan