IRGR Workshop 2012

IRGR Workshop: “Closing the Gap Between Reintegration Research and Practice”

In October 2012 The Centre for Peace Studies hosted the International Research Group on Reintegration’s first workshop titled: “Closing the Gap Between Reintegration Research and Practice”. With over 40 participants from various academic institutions and international organizations the workshop aimed to consolidate recent and ongoing reintegration research conducted by IRGR’s core and affiliate members. Capitalizing on the presence of prominent practitioners and experience scholars the workshop addressed the key challenges in the nexus between knowledge and practice, praxis, in reintegration policy and programming.

You can find a copy of the workshop program here:

IRGR Workshop 2012 – Program

Also, you can find detailed notes and a key summary of the workshop here:

IRGR Workshop 2012 – Summary and Notes