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Nettskjema, the web-based tool to design questionnaires, is gaining interest at the UiT. To academics at RBKU (Regionalt Kunnskapssenter for Barn og Unge, Nord) it may prove inexpensive, locally supported and a more secure alternative to commercial brands like Questback and Qualtrics.

Developed by the Center for Information Technology (USIT) at the University of Oslo the service has been made available to staff at the other colleges and universities in Norway via Feide ID. It has been used to design student / employee satisfaction surveys, registration forms, but it can also serve as a quantitative data collection method in research projects. To comply with the requirements for ethical and secure research as confirmed by Norsk Samfunnsvitenskapelig Datatjeneste (NSD) and  Regional Etisk Komité (REK) Nettskjema can be used to collect:

  1. anonymized data
  2. sensitive data (protected by the personal data protection regulations, including the new GDPR law to be enforced from May, 25th)

While the first option involves a few configuration steps to ensure anonymous data collection, the other one is more complex and requires a security framework called TSD (Tjeneste for Sensitive Data) to allow for secure storage and analysis of the data collected via Nettskjema.

To satisfy the demand for up-to-date information regarding the use of Nettskjema in research with focus on sensitive data collection and storage, Seksjon for digitale utdanningstjenester (SDU) is planning to host a workshop/seminar May 31st. The topics to be covered include:

  • introduction to Nettskjema for a Questback user (login, design tool, settings and permissions, sending/publishing options, reminders, etc.)
  • how can specific questionnaire requirements be met in Nettskjema? (Kodebok, Likert scale, anonymous data collection, informed consent)
  • How does GDPR affect data collection and storage with Nettskjema
  • tjeneste for Sensitve Data – a short description of the procedures and the timeline for a TSD-based project.

We hope to have one of the USIT Nettskjema/TSD team members to answer questions live from the audience during FAQ session after the presentation. A place and exact time of the event will be announced on UiT`s Tavla.



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