This project’s main goal is to increase internationalization and student mobility in Norwegian teacher education programs for primary and lower secondary schools, by establishing and developing a partnership between UIT- The Arctic University of Norway – and Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, as well as between the universities and schools in Norway and in South Africa; the aim is to strengthen and improve the quality in our international teacher practice.

Goal 1

Increased student- and teacher mobility is the main purpose of the project. The mobility shall strengthen the supervision and mentor perspective by knowing the students’ cultural and professional background – and strengthen the professional praxis in schools. To develop the relation will create sustainable partnerships for the future.

Goal 2

Yearly workshops to develop knowledge and explore common and diverse perspectives (democracy and citizenship, sustainable development, public health and well-being). Areas of interest within these perspectives have so far been curriculum for social justice, diversity education broken down into gender, class, color, religion and sexuality, amongst others, multilingual and multi-cultural education.

Goal 3

Developing courses that can be a part of an international semester. This will strengthen the focus of internationalization in our teacher education. Our goal is to offer courses in English for Norwegian and international students. Content in the courses will be a comparison of different educational practices, where we use the student’s experiences in teaching from their home country as assets on the course. 


There are four partner schools, two in each country. An important aspect in the project is to involve schools in the rural areas as well as city schools. This will give an opportunity for students to get a broader picture of the school systems in both countries and also an opportunity to strengthen schools which seldom have the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects with teacher education.

Borgtun Primary School

Machiu Primary School

St. James secondary school

Stonglandet skole