Participating schools

There are four partner schools, two in each country. An important aspect in the project is to involve schools in the rural areas as well as city schools. This will give an opportunity for students to get a broader picture of the school systems in both countries and also an opportunity to strengthen schools which seldom have the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects with teacher education.

All four schools have been carefully chosen based on demographics and school leader’s and teachers’ engagement. The partnership involves research collaboration, workshops, developing courses and teaching resources, as well as student/teacher mobility from both countries. The thought behind teacher mobility is to strengthen the practice and supervision of teacher practice in both countries. There are three interdisciplinary topics for interest: Democracy and citizenship, Sustainable development, and Public health and well-being. The joint study of these topics will be explored by students, teachers, and researchers in collaborating practices. Technology will have an important part in the project and for the project’s sustainability, since the all the teaching resources developed in schools as well as at the university would be common for the participants.

Borgtun Primary School
Tromsø, Norway


Machiu Primary School
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Saint James secondary school
Cofimvaba, South Africa

Stonglandet Primary and lower secondary School
Stonglandseidet, Norway