Rossella Ragazzi

I am currently associate professor in Media Anthropology and Museology. I formerly was senior lecturer in visual culture studies and visual anthropology, and am also an anthropological filmmaker. I completed my undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies in Italy, France and Ireland, and was involved in anthropological fieldwork in South and Central Italy, Bolivian Andes and Cuba, urban France, North of Norway and Ireland, North Cameroon and Norwegian Sápmi (Saami Indigenous People).

My main research topics within cultural studies & cultural and visual anthropology are: museum studies, migration, childhood, minorities, mediation of knowledge and transcultural cinema.

I teach regularly as visiting associate professor at the Freie University in Berlin, Media Anthropology program in the department of anthropology. I am involved in the national based network of museum studies Musvit in Norway and sit as member in various organizations connected to Museum and Visual Anthropology. I am a member of the International Commission of Visual Anthropology and of the European Association of Anthropology EASA.

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