Sidsel Saugestad

Sidsel Saugestad is professor emerita  in social anthropology at the University of Tromsø. She has done research on ethnic relations in Northern Ireland, on indigenous relations in the Norwegian-Saami context, and since 1992 on aspects of the relations between the emerging San (Basarwa, Bushmen)
organisations and the states of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

She has collaborated with the University of Botswana since the mid 1990s in a programme for San Research and Capacity Building, and is currently unpaid external advisor to the San Research Centre at the University of Botswana. She has published a book,  The Inconvenient Indigenous: Remote Area Development, Donor Assistance and the First People of the Kalahari (Nordic Africa Institute, 2001), and several articles on indigenous issues, some of which can be accessed through her university UiT profile .


phone +47 776 45445

Photo: With Kuela Kiema and Roy Sesana. New Xade 

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