Trine Eide

Trine Eide is a PhD candidate in social anthropology, University of Tromsø. Her individual research project: Paths to peace: civic nationalism, transitional justice and agricultural reform in Rwanda focuses on everyday life in rural areas as shaped by violence, cosmology and development initiatives. A focal point of the project concerns the category Batwa. As a distinct minority Batwa, are contextually recognized either as “indigenous” (international politics) or “historically marginalised Rwandans” (national politics). A central goal with Eide’s project is to increase our knowledge of the social situation of Batwa as a group in relation to a) the 1994 genocide b) peace building, and c) local myths and cosmologies which concerns the state of Batwa as a distinct category in comparison to Bahutu and Batutsi.

Trine Eide is a member of the KURF Working Group Indigeneity in sub-Saharan Africa


phone: + 47 776 46186

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