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AcqVA Aurora Lunch Seminar

The AcqVA Aurora group meets for lunch on Thursdays at 12:00-13:00. In addition to bringing our own lunch (and occasionally waffles or a cake), one of us typically contributes a short presentation of ongoing work, or discusses ideas for projects/experiments. The room where the meeting takes place fluctuates, so make sure you check this page regularly!

Schedule spring 2020

January 16 – Room E.1004
Lunch + Start of semester meeting.

January 23 – Room C.1007
Øystein Vangsnes
 (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
Sámi curricula in Norway and the 5th grade slump.

January 30 – Room E.1004
Housekeeping: application for PhD positions; Farewell to Eline.

February 6 – Room E.1004
Housekeeping: Opening of the FSF Museum Exhibition “Mitt språk, min arv”.

February 13 – Room E.2004
Just lunch.

February 20
No lunch (AcqVA Aurora Guest Lecture with Magdalena Wrembel at 14.15 in UB Auditorium).

February 27 – Room A.3019
Myrte Vos 
(UiT the Arctic University of Norway) & Björn Lundquist (UiT the Arctic University of Norway and University of Oslo)
Running flexible linguistic experiments from a UiT-based server, finally!

March 05 – Room C.1007
Just lunch

April 16 – Zoom
Just lunch

April 23 – Zoom
Anders Agebjörn (University of Gothenburg)
The development of L3 Swedish articles in L1 Russian/Belarusian learners: The role of L2 English and language aptitude

April 30 – Zoom
Sigríður Björnsdottir (UiT the Arctic University of Norway)
Icelandic noun pluralization: a view from acquisition

May 07 – Room A.3019
Gustavo Guajardo (UiT the Arctic University of Norway)
Title TBA

May 14
No lunch (AcqVA Aurora Guest Lecture with Tanja Ionin at 14:15 in B.1005).

May 28 – Room A.3019

June 4 – Room E.1004
Housekeeping: Participation of AcqVA Aurora in the Forskningsdagene (September 2020).


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