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LAVA Lunch seminar autumn 2019

Schedule autumn 2019Yay, waffles! (I mean... yay, linguistics!)

August 22 – Room A.3012
Just lunch.

August 29 – Room A.3012
Dashiel Stevens
(UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
Language construction and acquisition research: how a hobby assists research.

September 5
No meeting. Capturing and Quantifying Individual Differences in Bilingualism workshop.

September 12 – Room A.3021
Anastasiia Ogneva (University of A Coruña)
Gender acquisition in Russian-speaking SLI children: experimental proposal.

September 19 – Room A.3021
Just lunch (SPIP conference).

September 26 – Room C.1007
Adel Chaouch-Orozco (University of Reading)
Word properties over experience-related factors: Investigating the masked translation priming asymmetry.

October 3 – Room A.3018
Just lunch.

October 10 – Room C.1007
Elena Koulidobrova
(Central Connecticut State University)
When my other language is a sign language: A multilingual signer’s contribution to linguistic theory (and its applications).

October 17 – Room C.1007
Skirmantė Kubiliūtė (Vytautas Magnus University)
Language use and self-identification of Polish, Russian and Lithuanian heritage language groups.

October 24 – Room A.3021
Just lunch.

October 31 –  Room A.3018
Yulia Rodina (UiT the Arctic University of Norway)
FSF exhibition update

November 7 – Room C.1007
Just lunch.

November 15 – Room C.1007 (NB! A Friday)
Valantis Fyndanis
(University of Oslo)
Morphosyntactic production in agrammatic aphasia: A cross-linguistic machine learning approach.

November 21 –  Room A.3018
Isabel Nadine Jensen (UiT the Arctic University of Norway)
Third language acquisition of a miniature artificial language: experimental proposal.

November 28 – Room A.3018
Just lunch.

December 12 – Room A.3018
Just lunch.


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