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LAVA Lunch Seminar Autumn 2016

August 24: Just lunch

August 31
Jorge González Alonso
: English compound processing in bilingual and multilingual speakers: Constituent structure and cross-linguistic influence

September 7: Just lunch

September 14
Yulia Rodina: Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives: Critical evaluation based on the evidence from Norwegian-Russian preschoolers

September 22 (NB! Thursday) ─ Room E2.004
Olga Urek: The acquisition of grammatical gender in Latvian-Russian bilinguals

September 29 (NB! Thursday) ─ Room E2.004
Marta Velnic
: An analysis of the influence of animacy, givenness, and focus in Croatian ditransitives

October 13 (NB! Thursday) ─ Room E2.004
Tanja Kupisch
: Crosslinguistic influence and age of onset in the VOT productions of Italian heritage speakers

October 19 ─ Room A1.018
Merete Anderssen & Marit Westergaard
: Complexity, Frequency and Crosslinguistic Influence in Heritage Language: Subject and Object Shift in Norwegian

October 26 ─ Room A3.019: Just lunch

November 2 ─ Room A1.018
Tammer Castro, Martin Krämer, Tanja Kupisch & Marit Westergaard:
Comparing Phonological and Syntactic Cross-linguistic Influence in Brazilian Portuguese-European Portuguese Bidialectal Bilinguals

November 16 ─ Room A1.018: Just lunch

November 30 ─ Room E2.004: Just lunch

December 7 ─ Room E2.004: Just lunch

If you are interested in previous presentations, you can check the schedule for spring 2016 by clicking here.

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