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LAVA Lunch seminar autumn 2018

Schedule autumn 2018

August 16 – Room E.1004
Just lunch.

August 23 – Room E.2004
Shigenori Wakabayashi (Chuo University)
Multiple causes for missing -s and a single cause for overused be and do in L2 English.

August 30 – Room A.3019
Just lunch.

September 6  Room C.1003
Just lunch.

September 13 – Room C.1005
Rachel Klassen
Stimuli design: Frequency measure challenges and the perennial problem of L2 learner input.

September 20
No meeting: King Harald visits UiT!

September 27 – Room A.3021
Kira Gor (University of Maryland)
Processing of case morphology in L2 Russian.

Heather Marsden (University of York)
Using Case to predict in the German language classroom: a pilot study.

Event in connection to the L2 Workshop—Second language acquisition: Linguistic and pedagogical perspectives. More info here.

October 4  Room E 0105
Natalia Mitrofanova & Marit Westergaard
Gender cues in L1-Russian children acquiring German as an early L2.

October 11  Room E 0105
Marta Velnic
Project presentation: Cross-linguistic influence in mirrored structures.

October 18
No meeting (AcqVA retreat).

October 25 –  Room A 3012
Marta Tagliani (University of Verona)
Is semantic plausibility a clue to the interpretation of ambiguous ORGs with post-verbal subject in Italian?

Joachim Kokkelmans (University of Verona)
The typology of morphosyntactic alignment: a learnability experiment and OT simulation.

November 1  Room A 3012
Roksolana Mykhaylyk (Amazon)
Current trends in speech technology and AI.

November 8  Room A.3018
Rachel Klassen
Grammatical gender in the mental lexicon: Insights from L1 language change.

November 15  Room A.3018
Nadine Kolb

Child Second Language Development: Generic Reference in L2 German and L2 French.

November 22
No meeting (Baltic Linguistics conference)

November 29  Room A.3018
Jelena Živojinović
 (University of Verona & UiT)
Some considerations on clitic doubling in Torlak Serbian.

December 6 –Room A.3018
Just lunch

December 13 – Room E.1004
Just lunch


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