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LAVA Lunch Seminar spring 2016

February 3: Just lunch (a Wednesday)

February 12
Tammer Castro
(with Jason Rothman & Marit Westergaard): Syntactic Contrasts in Early and Late Brazilian Portuguese-European Portuguese Bidialectal Bilinguals: Data from Production

February 19
Antonio Fábregas, Merete Anderssen & Marit Westergaard:
Complexity and word order: Asymmetries between Norwegian and Spanish L1 acquisition of nominal possessives

February 26
Björn Lundquist & Marit Westergaard
(with Yulia Rodina & Irina Sekerina): In language change, processing effects precede loss in production

March 4 (NB: Room C1003)
Tanja Kupisch:
Possessive nominals in Italian heritage speakers

March 11: Just lunch

March 18
Øystein Vangsnes (with Terje Lohndal & Marit Westergaard):
 Against a V2 parameter: Evidence from Norwegian

April 1 (NB: Room C1003)
Katalin Piniel (ELTE, Budapest):
Deaf foreign language learners in Hungary
ta Dóczi (ELTE, Budapest):
Developing digital teaching materials for MA in ELT students

April 8
Marit Westergaard (with Terje Lohndal):
Grammatical Gender in Norwegian Heritage Language: Stability or Attrition?

April 15
Isabel Nadine Jensen & Marit Westergaard:
Norwegian L1 speakers’ knowledge of morphology and syntax in English L2

April 22
Jelena Didriksen & Marit Westergaard:
The acquisition of Object Shift by Ln learners of Norwegian

April 29 (NB: Room C1003)
Bror-Magnus Sviland Strand: On Optional Infinitives and why they aren’t so special

May 6: Just lunch

May 13
Natalia Mitrofanova & Marit Westergaard:
Acquisition of Locative PPs in L1 Russian and Norwegian: Evidence for the Structure-Building Hypothesis

May 20
Martin Krämer & Natalia Mitrofanova:
Probing the perception of phonological contrasts – first results of an eye-tracking experiment with Russian kids

Irina Sekerina:
Using the Visual World Paradigm to study interference in spoken language comprehension
After the talk: End-of-semester lunch at Hildr.

June 3
Evelina Leivada (Cyprus / Barcelona):
Disentangling variation: A cross-linguistic investigation of bilingualism and non-standardization
Rachel Klassen (Ottawa):
Grammatical gender in the bilingual lexicon: At the crossroads between formal and psycholinguistic proposals

Program for the mini-workshop can be found here: Blitz-presentations.

June 10 Canceled!
Merete Anderssen & Marit Westergaard:
Complexity, Frequency and Crosslinguistic Influence in Heritage Language: Subject and Object Shift in Norwegian


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