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Research group leaders:

Marit WestergaardMarit

Research interests: First, second/third & bilingual language acquisition, heritage language/language attrition, syntactic variation, diachronic change,com­parative syntax,
word order, nominal structure (grammatical gender, definiteness, possessives), English, Norwegian, Russian, German.

Merete AnderssenMerete

Deputy leader
Research interests: Monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition. The relationship between word order and information structure: subject shift, object shift and dative alternation. DP-structure, especially definiteness marking and possessives.


Fatih Bayram

MSCA Postdoc
Research interests: Simultaneous first language bilingualism; heritage speaker bilingualism; language attrition in bilingualism; acquisition of morphosyntax; roles and weights of linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in development/processing/ultimate attainment variation across bi/multilinguals.

Kristine Bentzenunknown

Research interests: Comparative syntax, dialect syntax, first language
acquisition, bilingualism, Scandinavian languages, Sami,
verb placement, object shift,
scrambling, information structure.

Sigríður Björnsdóttir

PhD student
Research interests: Learnability, acquisition, variation, syntactic theory.

Ekaterina ZhakunKate

PhD student
Research interests: Phonology, Optimality Theory, Consonant Clusters, Syllable structure, language acquisition.

Jorge González AlonsoJorge

Research interests: Second and third language acquisition, non-native language
processing, bilingualism, morphology, compound words, (acquisition, representation
and processing of) gender, English, Spanish, Norwegian.

Eline GrønvollEline

Research assistant


Zeynep Sancak Sert

Research assistant
Research interests: English acquisition and multilingualism.


James David McDonald

Research assistant
Research interests: Slavic languages (Russian, Czech, Serbian), Germanic languages (Norwegian, German, Dutch), Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian), morphology, syntax, corpus data.

Gustavo GuajardoGustavo

Research interests: Morphosyntactic variation and change, the relationship between child language acquisition and language change, syntactic theory, Tense/Aspect/Mood, Romance, Germanic, innate vs. non-innate aspects of language.

Isabel Nadine JensenIsabel

PhD student
Research interestsSecond and third language acquisition, multilingualism, acquisition of morphosyntax, the Bottleneck Hypothesis.

Abutalebi Jubintanja_kupisch

Professor II
Research interests: Bilingualism, functional and structural neuroimaging, neurolinguistics, language control, aphasia, cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, aging.

Rachel KlassenRachel

MSCA Fellow
Research interests: Second language acquisition, bilingualism, mental lexicon, language processing, grammatical gender, morphosyntax, experimental design, eye-tracking, Spanish, German, French.

Nadine KolbNadine

Postdoc MiMS
Research interests: Child second and third language acquisition; heritage language bilingualism; linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in bi/multilingual language development; acquisition at the syntax-semantics interface; multilingual education; immersion education.

Martin KrämerMartin

Research interests: Phonology, Optimality Theory, microvariation

Maki KubotaMartin

Research interests: Bilingualism, child language acquisition, heritage language bilingualism, language attrition, executive control.

Tanja Kupischtanja_kupisch

Professor II
Research interests: Syntax, Phonology, first, second and third language acquisition,
heritage languages, Romance languages, Germanic languages, Turkish.

Jon Andoni Duñabeitia Landaburujon andoni dunabeitia landaburu

Professor II
Research interests: Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science of Language, Bilingual Word Processing, Emotion, Executive Functions, Visual Word Recognition, Literacy.

Evelina LeivadaEvelina

MSCA Fellow
Research interests: Language variation, monolingual and bilingual language acquisition, the ‘dialect’ design, atypical development, language and cognition in Specific Language Impairment, autism and schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

Terje LohndalTerje

Professor II
Research interests: Syntax, semantics, morphology, interfaces, variation, heritage languages/language attrition, first, second and bilingual language acquisition, English, Norwegian.

Björn LundquistBjorn

Associate professor / Lab manager
Research interests: Syntax-Morphology interface, Syntax-Semantics interface, Lexical categories, Scandinavian micro-variation, Psycho-linguistics, Language acquisition.

Natalia MitrofanovaNatalia

Researcher MiMS
Research interests: Language acquisition (first, second, third, bilingual), acquisition of functional categories, the structure of early grammars, syntax and semantics of locative and directional expressions, experimental linguistics, eye-tracking (VWP), Russian, Norwegian, English, German.

Yulia Rodinaunknown-2

Associate Professor
: yulia.rodina@uit.no
Research interests: Language acquisition (first, second, third, bilingual), heritage languages, multilingualism and education, multilingual language assessment, Norwegian, Russian, English.

Jason Rothmanjason

Research interests: First, second, third & bilingual language acquisition, language processing, syntactic transfer, heritage language/language attrition, the language-cognition
interface(s), behavioural and neurolinguistic methodologies (EEG/ERP), formal syntactic
theory, comparative theory, epistemology.

Ludovica Serratriceludo

Professor II
Research interests: First, second and bilingual language acquisition, reference, metalinguistic awareness, relationship between vocabulary and grammar, processing of relative clauses, syntactic priming, cross-linguistic influence. English, Italian.

Bror Magnus Strand

PhD student
Research interests: First language acquisition, child language,
morphosyntactic variation, Scandinavian languages, bidialectism, linguistic registers

Deniz Tat

Research interests: Morphology and syntax, language variation and change, heritage language bilingualism, Turkish microvariation

Olga Urek

Researcher SALT
Research interests: Phonology, Optimality Theory, feature geometry, Baltic languages, acquisition, bilingualism

Øystein VangsnesOystein

Research interests: Syntax, dialect studies, Nordic languages, NORMS.

Stefanie WulffMarta

Professor II
Research interests: Quantitative corpus linguistics, construction grammar, variation in learner language, second language acquisition, student writing development.

Previous members and completed PhDs may be found here


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