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Lig-Eng: Engineering DNA Ligases for Next-Generation-Sequencing

The Lig-Eng project, ‘Engineering DNA Ligases for Next-Generation-Sequencing’ aims to discover and design novel DNA ligase enzymes with superior properties that can be used in preparation of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) DNA libraries.

DNA ligases are enzymes that join pieces of DNA together- an essential step in preparing DNA samples for NGS by attaching small ‘adapter’ pieces of DNA to it. More efficient ligase activity at this stage should mean less sample DNA is required, and PCR amplification of resulting library would not be necessary.

Our approach to produce better DNA ligases is two-fold:

Discovery of new DNA ligase variants from the natural diversity that exists in microbes in various environments

Design of novel DNA ligases using characterized wild-type enzymes as a starting point.

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