MarVal (From unexploited marine biomass to high value products) is a strongly interdisciplinary project between 3 faculties at The University of Tromsø (UiT) The Arctic University of Norway. The primary objective of MarVal is to convert largely uninvestigated marine resources into valuable end-products. Conversion procedures based on bacterial cultures will be developed, with the goal to identify and redesign the microorganisms and enzymes responsible for biomass transformation. The focus of MarVal is on unexplored biomass from invertebrates and marine microorganisms such as algae. The successful project will provide new methodologies for biomass conversion, novel biocatalysts, and attractive biomass-based products, leading to a more sustainable use of marine resources.

objectives include:

  • Increase focus on the innovation potential of biomass currently rejected as byproducts, e.g. from the fishing industry
  • Identify microorganisms with commercial potential, e.g. for bioplast production
  • Identify bioactive molecules from previously unexplored biomas
  • Develop biocatalysts for whole-cell and enzymatic biomass conversion
  • Provide novel and attractive products for industrial stakeholders
  • Educate PhDs, trained for transdisciplinary R&D in both academia and industry