WP2: New conversion methods



(WP-leader: Peik Haugen, Professor, NT-faculty, UiT)

Objectives: Identify and isolate microorganisms by enrichment on biomass extracts from WP1. Both single microbial isolates and communities will be selected based on their potential for biomass conversion.  Natural microbes from sub-Arctic biotopes will be captured as biofilm on solid surfaces using Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (or Moving Bed Technology) in lab-scale. Microorganisms will be genome sequenced for input to WP3 and WP4.

The 2016 year plan contains the following milestones:

M2-1 Build lab-scale bioreactors for continuous fermentation.

M2-2 Operation and optimization of bioreactors using marine biomass delivered from WP1 (enrichment culturing)
M2-3 Harvesting and characterization of microbial biofilm (metagenomics, cell culturing, genome sequencing, bioinformatics)