The University Choir Mimas was founded by Ragnar Rasmussen in 2000. The choir is part of the education programme for choral conductors at the UiT Arctic university of Norway and counts approximately 25 members. In concerts, the main goal for Mimas is to give the audience an unforgettable musical experience, and to make every performance unique. The choir has been on tours to Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovenia and Finland. Mimas has worked with the Tromsø Symphony Orchestra on several performances, such as Händel’s Messiah, Haydn’s The Creation and Brahms’ Requiem. The choir has also performed with several Norwegian artists. Mimas performs regularly at the the UiT Arctic university of Norway. In 2007 Mimas recorded a CD with Iver Kleive’s Requiem, with the composer at the organ, soprano and baritone soloists and the choir APZ Tone Tomsic from Ljubljana. In 2010 the choir participated in the competition “Venezia in Musica”, and got gold awards in two categories. A year later Mimas won first prize in the “International Choir Festival Berlin 2011”. Mimas` repertoire covers folk music to jazz, church music, as well as classical and contemporary pieces.

Ragnar Rasmussen is Professor in choir conducting at the Department of Music, Dance and Drama at the UiT Arctic university of Norway. In 2008/2009 he was engaged as conductor of the Norwegian National Youth Choir. In 2007/2008 he was guest professor at the Academy of Music at the University of Slovenia. As conductor of the choirs Saga, Mimas and Vokal Nord he has won numerous first prizes, including several awards for best conductor in choral competitions in Norway and abroad. As guest conductor, Ragnar Rasmussen works with orchestras throughout Europe and frequently holds lectures and workshops for conductors in Norway and abroad.