Queering quasar BO-2K. Dis/orienting white settler coloniality

Thesis by: D’Entremont, Cody Joshua

Taking Indigenous worlds seriously raises questions not only about the institutions and bureaucratization of settler colonialism as a never ending project; but also brings settler bodies, knowledges, and ontologies under questioning as they are the dominating worldings – to which they enact one-worlding. White settler bodies do not make up its whole, but are inseparable to its dynamic, fractured, and multiple transmutations through space and time. This project follows the tensions created out of the critiques found in Indigenous and people of colour narratives, art, music, and knowledges towards the white settler colonial body and its relations. Taking epistemic and body/intellectual differences seriously in their worlding otherwise is a difficult and challenging task – it is dis/orienting. However, It is not (im)possible.

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