Visual Representation of Mithila Culture Through Mithila folk arts: A study based on the search for cultural significance

Thesis by: Mandal, Prameswar

Mithila paintings are at the center to signify the cultural importance not only in Nepal and India, but also in other countries. The artists of Mithila devote their much time to portray different cultural aspects and their importance, however, the artists have not got much recognition from the Nepal government. Yet, they keep on painting to promote Mithila culture globally. In this context, the present study seeks to explore the visual representation of Mithila culture through Mithila artifacts.
The current study is the result of the field visit conducted in Janakpur and its neighboring villages in Nepal in June 2016. This study includes the voices of the artists, amateur artists of villages, scholars, teachers, social activists, and together with the researcher’s observation notes. Based on the theories of representation, the study aims at finding out how different cultural practices of Mithila are understood through the folk arts and cultural representation is needed to spread the message around the world. This thesis can be used to develop the tradition of Mithila paintings and to preserve the indigenous culture. The findings show how cultural representation and its signifying practices are portrayed through Mithila artifacts.

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