Buying bus tickets in Tromsø can be a challenge, at least if you want to economize …

  • Buying tickets on the bus is possible, there is a 9 NOK surcharge – they want to get rid of cash handling on buses. You pay NOK 50, instead of NOK 41. This has to be paid in cash – neither credit nor debit cards accepted.
  • You should buy tickets beforehand. This could be done e.g. at the airport newsstand while you wait for your luggage, at Troms fylkestrafikk customer service centre near The Edge hotel or at the Wi-To newsstand in the town centre. You will want to board a bus to the campus come Wedneday morning from the bus stop just outside the Scandic (formerly Rica) Ishavshotell. Important outlets for bus tickets and bus stops in the city centre are indicated on the Google Map. Tickets may also be bought at the Mix kiosk at campus, near the conference venue or at a ticket vending machine at the main campus bus stop.
  • For the modern up-to-date traveller there is an app “Troms Mobillett” for paying bus tickets, available for Android and iOS. Using the Troms Mobillett you need to enter the bus at the front, to let the driver inspect your ticket on your phone.

Be aware that these tickets may only be used on the regular buses – including buses from/to the airport – but not on the special airport buses.