Here we have gathered some practical information for both onsite and digital participants.

The 17th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing 2022 will take place both onsite on Tromsø campus, and online, via Zoom. The program is published, times are in Central European Time (UTC+01:00).

NB! All conference participants will have to look through pre-published conference materials before the conference – read more about the flipped format of this year’s conference.

Remember to register. Registration deadline for onsite participants is 15 November, and for digital participants – 23 November.

Follow us on Twitter at @MuninConf and engage with our hashtag #Munin2022. We encourage you to share your thoughts, impressions and ideas before, during and after the conference!

Information for onsite participants

Welcome to Tromsø! Tromsø is the gateway to the Arctic – the major town in Arctic Norway, a communication hub, an administrative centre and historically also the point of departure for Polar expeditions, and sealing and whaling vessels. Today, Tromsø is a thriving modern town of over 77,000 inhabitants, supplemented by about 17,000 students. In addition to the university itself, Tromsø has a modern university hospital and is also host to a number of other research institutions, most notably the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Conference venue

The conference venue is Auditorium 1 (Teorifagbygget, House 1) on the university campus in Tromsø. The easiest way to get there from the “UiT” bus stop, as shown in this video, is to walk uphill ca 50 meters, enter the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, and walk straight till you reach the conference venue.

Here is an interactive map of the campus, with the conference venue plotted in. We have also prepared a Google map with the most necessary points on campus and in town plotted in. There are two clusters of markers, the upper is on campus, the lower in the city centre.

Wi-Fi access on campus: we have Eduroam, but we also have a conference network that you will get access to at the conference.


Getting to Tromsø might be easiest by plane. The nearest train station is 3 1/2 hours drive from Tromsø (bus service), and it is connected to the Swedish, not the Norwegian, rail network. There are several daily flights in each direction between Oslo and Tromsø. You can also fly directly from London Gatwick, Stockholm Arlanda, Helsinki and Frankfurt, if that suits you better than flying through Oslo. Our airport is a 45 minute walk from the campus, there is even a pedestrian path between us and the airport.

Most of the hotels in Tromsø are situated in the city center. The Airport Express Bus (Flybussen) stops at several hotels in the centre (see the airport express bus schedule). One-way ticket for the express bus costs NOK 125 – you can pay with a credit card on the bus. The bus stop for the express bus is right outside of the arrival hall. Ask the driver where to get off for your hotel.

You can also take the local city buses (numbers 40 and 42) – the bus stop is a 3-minute walk from the airport, on the other side of the parking lot. Buses have the direction written in front. Nr 40 is “mot Tromsø museum via sentrum” (to Tromsø museum via centre), and nr 42 is “mot Stakkevollan via sentrum” (to Stakkevollan via centre). One-way ticket for a local bus is NOK 39. You can buy tickets at a ticket machine near a bus stop (not all bus stops have ticket machines) or in the TromsBillett-app. Ask the driver (or your co-passengers) where to get off for your hotel.

Here is the general information on bus fares and ticket prices and on how to buy bus tickets in Tromsø.

To get to the conference from the city center, you can take buses nr 20, 21 and 34 – the bus stop in the city center for all of them is called “Smørtorget”. Get off the bus at the stop called “UiT”. If you are arriving on campus by taxi, ask the taxi driver to drop you off at the Mix kiosk.

From campus to the city centre, you can take buses nr 20, 21 and 33. If you are in doubt, check whether it says “via sentrum” on the bus.

From campus to the airport

From UiT bus stop, take bus 34 to Giæverbukta. From Giæverbukta, take buses 24 or 40 to Tromsø Lufthavn (airport).

For taxi, you can use Tromsø Taxi. Calling within the Norwegian network: 03011. Calling from a non-Norwegian phone number: 00 47 77 60 30 00.

Social program

There will be an informal social gathering for onsite conference participants in the evening on Tuesday November 29th: Prelaten Kro & Scene (Sjøgata 12) opens its doors for us at 19:00, come when you can (you do not need to register). You will be able to buy drinks and food in the bar.

The conference dinner will be at 17:30 on Wednesday November 30th, at The Science Centre of Northern Norway (Vitensenteret), which is located on the university campus, close to the conference venue. (The address of the Science Centre is Hansine Hansens veg 17.) Guests will have an opportunity to mingle, explore the installations of the Science Center and see the northern lights show in the planetarium. We will go together from the conference venue to the conference dinner. If you are arriving in Tromsø in the afternoon, you can take buses 20 and 34 from the city centre (but stop “Smørtorget”) to “UiT/Planetariet”.

The Science Center of Norther Norway.
Vitensenteret – The Science Center


At the start of the conference, Tromsø also enters the Polar Night, meaning that the sun will be permanently below the horizon until the end of January.

Plan for cold weather: you will need warm clothing (think layers) and solid shoes. Snow boots shouldn’t be necessary but take sturdy shoes that can handle icy pavements and some snow (Tromsø municipality is geared for clearing snow, but not continuously). Also bring some light indoor shoes to change into when you arrive at the conference.

You may consult this weather forecast service. The current weather can be followed from an on-campus weather station with a live web camera facing south.

Things to do and try

The tourist information website Visit Tromsø lists a number of tourist activities in Tromsø and outside: there you can also find tour operators offering northern lights chasing trips or whale-watching trips. Whale-watching trips are in the middle of the day, when there is still some light. Northern lights trips can turn out to be late (you can be back at your hotel at 4 am), as the tour operators can drive far if it’s cloudy in Tromsø. So, we do not recommend you go aurora-chasing the night before the conference.

If you don’t have time to go outside Tromsø, this map of good aurora-watching spots helps you to find places within the city with limited light pollution and a more or less unobstructed view of the sky.

If you are up for a swim in the water that will be between 4 and 9 degrees Celsius, consider visiting the Pust sauna – a floating sauna in the centre. (You need to reserve a spot and buy a ticket in advance.)

The dark season is often a social season with lot of people meeting at restaurants to eat seasonal food. Noteworthy Norwegian foods for the pre-Christmas and Christmas season are lutefisk, pinnekjøtt and rakørret. We dare you to try them if you have a chance!

With the typical Norwegian food of the season goes good beer and aquavit. The local brewery Mack (the world’s northernmost brewery) makes a pleasant lager. Some of the local pubs have a good selection of good beers from Norwegian micro-breweries – if you like beer, try them out. Among good places for micro-beers are Ølhallen, Tromsø Mikrobryggeri and Blå Rock. Norwegian aquavit is made of potato and tastes of various spices; among them caraway, aniseed and fennel seeds. Skarven should be a good place to try one or – possibly – two. They are strong!

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Tromsø!

Information for digital participants

For our digital participants the conference will be in the Zoom Meeting format. Zoom links will be sent by email to registered participants the week before the conference.

We recommend that you install Zoom on your computer. You can test your internet connection (and download Zoom in the same link). If you already have Zoom installed, it is preferable that you update to version 5.4.0.

More information on digital participation will soon be made available.