All posters have been made available in Septentrio Conference Series Nr 1 (2022). Read the abstracts, see poster PDFs and prepare your questions and comments – preferably through direct annotation. Read more on how to annotate in Prepare for the conference.

Some of the posters will be presented at the onsite poster sessions (during lunch) on 30 November and 1 December. Some posters will only be available digitally, there won’t be a digital poster session.

Onsite posters

  1. Artificial Intelligence-based tools in the context of Open Science: PhD on Track as a resource. Hege Charlotte Lysholm Faber, Andrea Alessandro Gasparini, Michael Grote
  2. Competency Framework for Research Data Services in Norwegian Libraries. Live Kvale, Agata Bochynska, Aili Sarre, Elin Stangeland, Jenny Ostrop, Kjersti Hasle Enerstvedt, Lene Bertheussen, Nils Pharo, Shea Sundstøl, Sondre Strandskog Arnesen
  3. Connecting open data to open access publishing: TU Delft library perspective. Frederique Belliard, Just de Leeuwe, Yan Wang
  4. DataverseNO: A National, Generalist Repository for Data from the Long Tail of Research. Philipp Conzett, Longva Leif, Karl Magnus Nilsen
  5. Interlinked and integrated research support services. Arto Ikonen
  6. Managing the complexities of the article-based future. Sven Fund
  7. Open Science, the alliance way: Connecting institutional efforts through the EUTOPIA European University. Lennart Stoy, Mojca Kotar, Marina Losada, Anna Casaldàliga
  8. Rebuilding our community networks post-COVID-19: Perspectives from the University of St Andrews Open Access team. Kyle Brady, Kirsty Knowles
  9. Scholarly publishing in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. Liudmyla Ostapenko
  10. Striving for Open Access publishing at KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Are we on the right track? Gaël Dubus, Margareta Fathli
  11. Supporting equity, economies of scale, and interoperability by applying the International Data Space model to open science usage and impact reporting. Christina Drummond
  12. The OPERAS-PL development strategy for local open scholarly communication. Magdalena Wnuk, Marta Świetlik

Digital-only posters

  1. Advancing DEI in research publishing – putting strategy into practice. Sam Sule, Maeve Dunne
  2. Building the blocks for open science. Sam Sule
  3. Emerging uses of the Research Organization Registry. Amanda French
  4. Enriching preprints to attain reproducible open science. Alberto Pepe
  5. Linking the dots: ORCID in the publishing workflow. Chieh-Chih Estelle Cheng, Paloma Marín-Arraiza
  6. Open Network Infrastructure for the Commons: HCommons in Action. Zoe Wake Hyde
  7. Open Science Policies seen from the perspective of researchers’ communities. Alejandra Manco
  8. The Availability and completeness of funder metadata in Crossref: A case study for publications funded by the Dutch Research Council NWO. Hans de Jonge, Bianca Kramer
  9. The State of Open Data 2022: The longest-running longitudinal survey and analysis on open data. Mark Hahnel, Graham Smith, Megan Hardeman