At Munin 2022, we will be trying out the flipped format: participants will have to get acquainted with the pre-published conference material before the conference, while during the conference the focus will be on interaction and exchange of opinions. This way we don’t lose precious conference time on sitting and passively listening to content – conference time can instead be used on interaction between all the people who have come together simultaneously (on-site or digitally).

The flipped format also increases the accessibility of the conference: participants can go through the content at different speeds and with different assistive technologies.

Read & watch in advance

Pre-recorded presentation videos, papers and posters will be published two weeks before the conference. To find the materials, go to the program and click on the title of a contribution. Alternatively, you can go to the conference’s issue in Septentrio Conference Series where all of the conference contributions are published (the program links to the issue).

Presentation videos have captions (subtitles) – if you cannot see the captions, press the “CC” button in the right bottom corner of a video. The captions are also displayed in the left menu, and you can search in the caption text.

Papers is a contribution format the Munin conference is trying out for the first time this year. This is an alternative to presentation videos. Paper contributors will have their interactive sessions (“presentations”) during the conference.

Keep in mind that during the conference, “presenters” will not be repeating their pre-recorded presentations (or reading up their papers) – so conference participants really have to come prepared. Presenters will be able to offer a short summary of their contribution and additional details, before moving on to the interactive part (Q&A, discussion, brainstorming, hackathon, suggestions for further work).

Annotate or engage on Twitter

You can start interacting with the conference content already before the conference.

We suggest that you annotate the materials in the conference’s issue in Septentrio Conference Series by using, a free web-annotation tool. You can annotate papers, posters and even the captions in the videos (the ones in the left menu). Post your questions or comments (preferably in Public mode), and tag your annotations with “Munin2022”. If you don’t know how to use, read their Get started resource.

If you wish to discuss the conference contributions on Twitter, use the contributions’ DOIs and #Munin2022.

Tips for (poster) presenters

We have put together some tips about the flipped format. The main challenge of flipping is getting the conference participants to go through your content before the event. Consider the following:

  • Keep the amount of information manageable.
  • Think about what information needs to be in the pre-published content: do not include unnecessary details, participants should be sufficiently informed for a good interactive session during the conference.
  • Consider including a small task that the participants have to carry out before the conference: e.g. complete a quiz, prepare notes, think about a problem case from their organization.