Technical development:

  1. A dedicated semi-automated experimental setup has been developed for NanoPath project.
  2. New design, optimization and loss measurement for BIOTEK photonic chips have been completed.
  3. Custom-made LabView interface has been developed for illumination and collection of the fluorescent signal for chip-based TIRF, IFON and SMLM.
  4. Fluorescence labelling has been optimized for Tokuyasu sections.

Samples investigated under BioTek 2021 project: the table below illustrates diverse tissue samples imaged on-chip. We have performed multicolor fluorescence imaging on all samples.

Preservation method Species Sample type Source    On-chip imaging method
Tokuyasu Human Placenta UNN / UiT   x      x
Mouse Kidney UiT   x     x
Pig Heart UiT   x
Zebra fish Eye UZH   x      x     x
FFPE Human Placenta Karolinska Institute   x
Human CRC Radium Hospital   x
Human Lung Radium Hospital   x
Human Prostate Radium Hospital   x