David Coucheron graduates as a Ph.D.

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Congratulations to David Coucheron for successfully defending his doctoral thesis and achieving a Ph.D. in Science. The ceremony took place in a digital setting on the 24th of March 2021.

The evaluation process included both a trial lecture titled «Single Molecule Biosensing», and a dissertation defense titled «Waveguide-based Excitation for High-throughput Imaging». It was a great opportunity for David to explain his work in the field of waveguide imaging.

The jury committee was formed by Professor Laura M. Lechuga (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology ICN2, CSIC, BIST and CIBER-BBN, Spain), assoc. Professor Magnus Borstad Lilledahl (Department of Physics, NTNU, Norway), and Associate Professor Krishna Agarwal (Department of Physics and Technology, UiT, Norway).

David is the fourth candidate who obtains the degree of Ph.D. in Science at Ahluwalia’s lab.

Congratulations Dr. Coucheron on your achievement and success in your forthcoming endeavors!

Discussion session at Coucheron´s Ph.D. defense. Top, from left to right, Prof. Magnus Borstad Lilledahl, Prof. Laura Lechuga, Dr. David Coucheron. Bottom, from left to right: Prof. Yngve Birkelund, Assoc. Prof. Krishna Agarwal, Prof. Balpreet S. Ahluwalia.