The digital transformation of pathology promises to revolutionize modern medicine and disease diagnostics. This translates into curing more patients and saving billions of Euros in diagnostic and treatment costs.


Unfortunately, this potential is significantly limited by the vast resolution ­and cost void between the two imaging systems currently in use for pathology today: the low-cost, high speed, and lower resolution optical microscope and the high-cost, slow speed, high resolution electron microscope.


NanoPath, a BioTek 2021 project funded by the Research Council of Norway, aims to bridge that gap, providing optical resolution of 50-250 μm with higher throughput and lower cost than electron microscopy but with higher resolution than conventional optical microscopy.


This project combines the unique capabilities of a chip-based waveguide platform with the enhanced resolution of the MUSICAL nanoscopy algorithm and the international expertise of pathologists and medical researchers. Prototype technology will be tested on a variety of histopathological samples by end-users at their own site, and feedback will be used to improve both the technological design and the user experience. Ultimately, we aim to see this technology implemented as a standard tool in pathology labs worldwide, enabling more accurate and timely diagnoses for patients everywhere.