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Non-payment use of NFC

At Mobile World Congress Sarah Jacobsson Purewal presented 15 non-payment uses for NFC.

NFC City at NIK 2012

The NFC City project presented the article “NFC experiments in the NFC city project” at Norsk Informatikkonferanse this week (NIK 2012).

More NFC at NRK (Norwegian TV)

September 27, the NFC City project was featured at Schrödingers katt. Two weeks later they presented NFC payment at Schrödingers katt. And today Forbrukerinspektørene showed contact-less payment.

NFC City in Schrödinger katt

The NFC City project will be featured in Schrödingers katt September 27 2012. It will be available online here.

Hjemme PC on NFC City

The Norwegian computer magazine Hjemme PC has publish an article referring to NFC city: Neste år kan du betale med mobilen (in Norwegian).

New internal resource page

We have added a new internal resource page where documents, information and other resources that should only be available to the project participants are inserted. The page is password protected. Ask one of the other participants (or me) for the password (the password is equal to the password of the Git repository information page).

SIM workshop

Yesterday and today the NFC City project organize an internal workshop in SIM programming, including integration of NFC and SIM (or other secure elements). Kjell Myksvoll is teaching us the magic. Tools and presentation used in the workshop is added to the Git repository (see nfc-city/doc and nfc-city/devel/

NFC app competition

This spring a selected group of students from UiT were invited to submit an NFC based Android application the local NFC app competition. Five contributions were submitted:

  • Contact Me: Easy sharing of contact information between NFC phones
  • NFC Air: Order, check-in, travel information, and more on your phone
  • NFC Shopping: Shopping basket (shop and pay with your phone)
  • Pack It Up: Keep your moving boxes and their content organized
  • EventWis: Services related to events (concerts, festivals, etc.)

The appointed jury selected Pack It Up (Simon Nistad) as the winner based on the following criterias:

  • User experience
  • Originality
  • Application potential
  • Technical quality
  • Complexity

Simon Nistad was awarded an HTC One X phone for his impressive contribution to the competition. See the news article (in Norwegian) from the Department of Computer Science for more information.

NFC conference at Telenor Expo in the media

From DinSide: Mobilbetaling kan gi dyrere matvarer (in Norwegian).
From DinSide: Dette vil Telenor bruke NFC til (in Norwegian).
From Dagens IT: Nå MÅ vi samarbeide (in Norwegian).
From Inno Design: Spennende NFC-konferanse i Oslo 14. mars (in Norwegian).

NFC conference at Telenor Expo

The NFC City project participated and had several demos at the NFC conference at Telenor Expo March 14 2012. All presentations (including videos) available from Telenor Expo. The demos done by NFC City was an NFC based quiz game and the NFC presenter (an NFC based get-your-presentation-on-the-projector-screen-easily application). Tor and Jan-Ove did a great job developing and presenting these demos.