Parallel Session Schedule

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Wednesday Room 1.325 Room 1.329 Auditorium 2 Room 1.343 Room 1.333
Session 1
Environment African Crossroads: The Politics of
Development and Conflict
Gender and
in the Field
Power, Cross-Cultural
Cooperation and the
New Development Actors
Forests and Power:
Inclusions and Exclusions
in Forest Governance
and REDD+ Processes
Participants Christian Webersik
Erlend Eidsvik
Hans Adam
Morten Bøås
Ingvild Skage
Zerihun Woldeselassie
Noor Elahi
Marianne Millstein
Siri Gerrard
Sara Kinsbergen
June Fylkesnes
Hanne Haaland
Hege Wallevik
Raymond Achu Samndong
Darley Jose Kjosavik
Cecilie Hirsch
Grete Benjaminsen
Mary Nantongo
Leif Tore Trædal
Clare Tompsett
OBS! To continue on Thurs.
13:00-14:30 in Nlyst 06
Panel Chair Rachel Djesa Morten Bøås Lise Nordbrønd Hanne Haaland &
Hege Wallevik
Cecilie Hirsch
Session 2
Positionality, Trust
and Power Asymmetries
in Fieldwork
Localizing Peace What do we
Learn From ‘Shared’
Research Projects?
Cross-Cultural Communication,
Experience and the Importance
of Ethnographic Work
Master’s Panel
Participants Karina Standal
Ingunn Bjørkhaug
Grete Benjaminsen
Hanne Cecilie Geirbo
Cecilie Hirsch
Percy Oware
Lodve Svare
Randolph Wallace Rhea
Frode Storaas
Trond Waage
Thera Mjaaland
Britt Kramvig
Øyvind Økland
Ingunn Kvamme
Hanne Haaland
Hege Wallevik
Sandra Bogdanova
Iseline Kaspersen
Léa Klaue
Panel Chair Cecilie Hirsch Percy Oware Frode Storaas &
Trond Waage
Hanne Haaland &
Hege Wallevik
Torjer Olsen
Session 3
Education and Social Justice
Democracy and Transparency
Visual Cultural Studies
Administrative Challenges
Within North-South
On Sami Terms?
Local Institutions
to Strengthen Local Identity

Participants Jennifer Hays
Velina Ninkova
Hans Geir Aasmundsen
Randi Kaarhus
Raymond Achu Samndong
Anne Margrethe Sønneland
First public screening
of the documentary
Lise Nordbrønd
Mulumebet Zenebe
Håkon Fottland
Antonie Lysholm Kræmer
Rachel Djesa
Johnny-Leo Jernsletten
Bjørg Evjen
Anna Westman Kuhmunen
Panel Chair Jennifer Hays Christine Smith-Simonsen Trond Waage Lise Nordbrønd Hans-Kristian Hernes

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