NMR lab

Welcome to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lab at the University of Tromsø!

The Department of Chemistry currently hosts two NMR spectrometers, operating at 400 and 600 MHz for 1H.


The 400 MHz spectrometer is the NMR working horse of the synthesis oriented groups at the Department of Chemistry (IK) and the Department of Pharmacy (IFA) plus external customers. The instrument is running without any automated sample changer and is carries a heavy workload of ~4000 NMR-experiments per year, run by ~40 different operators.


The 600 MHz spectrometer is a specialized spectrometer operating with a cryogenically enhanced probe to provide high quality data at a significantly higher sensitivity and resolution, and is capable of 3D and 4D experiments. The hardware is also capable of generating a variety of shaped pulses that are utilized in modern pulse sequences. Since 2009 this spectrometer has been used to support the research activities of several research partners, including the Departments of Chemistry (IK)Pharmacy (IFA)MABCENT-SFI through the research platform SmallStructNorStruct, the Faculty of Health Sciences (MH)Lytix Biopharma and Medivir AB.

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Johan Isaksson

Office: REALF C 206.2


(+47) 776 44842 (office)

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Arnfinn Kvarsnes

Office: REALF C 410


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