New Article by Egill Skulason

New Article by Egill Skulason

NordCO2 PI Egill Skulason from University of Iceland just published a computational article on electrochemical reduction of CO2 and product selectivities. The article can be found here.


Open PhD Position

Open PhD position in Computational Chemistry at University of Bergen in Norway. Project: Quantum chemical investigations of electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 over nanostructured catalysts based on metal/metal oxide. The PhD candidate will become a member of the NordCO2 network. Apply here

1st NordCO2 meeting

On May 15 to 16th 2018, we organize the 1st meeting of the Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion at UiT. PIs and students from all NordCO2 nodes will join. All participants will give 10-20 minute presentations of their work on chemical CO2 conversion. You are welcome to meet the NordCO2 …

Faces of CO2

CO2 is not a big molecule – but there is so much you can do with it!
– You can convert CO2 to medicine in the lab.
– You can feed CO2 to algae, so they become fish-feed.
– You can detect CO2 in human breath and diagnose diseases.
– You can investigate how organisms in the ocean are affected by raising CO2 levels.
– You can study CO2 emissions in Norway and how they affect our climate goals.

Our exhibition ‘Faces of CO2‘ shows great pictures from CO2 related research at UiT.
See the exhibition at Vitensenteret in Tromsø on April 14th or online here: